You are beautiful, magical and perfect, especially because of your flaws. Those cracks are what let the light in.

- Dwan Gluskin

Flawed Fabulously

(Intimate Apparel/SwimSuit Designers and Resellers)

Why hide your flaws when its those very features that radiate your beauty and make you uniquely you? This is the heart of Flawed Fabulously - an online lingerie boutique that celebrates women's beauty in ALL shapes and sizes. We offer styles that cater for every shoppers need - where it be that fun cute morning look, the comfortable casual all day fit or that fabulously sexy late night style - we have the whole range! Our mission is not just to make you look beautiful, but to make you feel just as beautiful as you are. So heres to celebrating uniqueness, to being fierce, sexy and beautiful... here's to being Flawed Fabulously!


The Fabulous Team


She Who Reigns Supreme:

Tasia Sli

"The question isn't who is going to let me, its who's going to stop me" Ayn Rand

Inspired by her own love of intimate apparel and modeling career, Co-Founder and Business Director - Tasia Sli is a power house and a force to be reckoned with. From South Africa to Los Angeles and now New York, working in the Humanitarian Sector she continues to break the status quo and empowers woman to claim back what has always been theirs -their beauty, flaws and all. Tasia's mission is to celebrate women's uniqueness, their individuality  and authentic beauty. Lingerie is a powerful medium that can transform the way we feel about ourselves and our bodies. So, in her words, "Wake Up, Lace Up and Show Up - fabulously!”

Master Of All That Is Fabulous & Money Maestro

Anna Y. Yang

With a passion for developing women-run businesses and fostering inclusive communities, Co-Founder and CFO, Anna Yang is devoted to bringing affordable style and customizable fashion to women around the world. Born in New Jersey, raised by New York City, and Taiwanese-American in her roots, she loves developing cross-cultural partnerships and opening dialogues, as every "body" has a story. A believer that wellness and beauty radiates from the inside out, Flawed Fabulously is a reminder for every person to love your body, love your self, embrace the differences that make you uniquely and fabulously you. Feeling Sexy is always in Style. Hello there, Miss Fabulous!

Chief Inspiration Officer (South Africa) :

Noxolo Ntshaba

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” - Coco Channel

Multi-linguist and international communications strategist - FF marketing director, Noxolo Ntshaba has travelled the world empowering women from all backgrounds to become what they were born to be - fabulous. I believe we need to inspire women to tap into their inner beauty and see that within them lies the power to change any any nation, situation and circumstance" she says. It's every women's mandate to show the world that she is powerful not because of who she aspires to be, but she is powerful because of who she IS - unique. Here at Flawed Fabulously we celebrate this uniqueness, celebrate the flaws, celebrate the diversity...we simply celebrate YOU. So in the words of business director Tasia "let's wake up, lace up and show up - Fabulously."


Photography and Video Team

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Tasia Sli - Simply Tasia

Terry C - Fiat Looks

Eddie M - EM Multimedia Corp

Edwin A - Triple B Photo